The LINKTOGETHER Foundation supports to safeguard bees in Ile de France

Our foundation has been supporting the association  Sauvegarde des Abeilles  in Ile de France since 2016 by managing beehives hosted at LBN. The objective is to protect the bees hosted in two beehives in our garden and at the same time, to raise awareness among employees and visitors about the problem of the bees’ disappearance and their way of life.

Visits to the beehives are carried out regularly in a way to ensure the health of the hives and to inform and train employees in how to manage a beehive and the health of the bees themselves.

Since this collaboration began 3 years ago, 3 honey harvests have been carried out totaling 15kg which were then shared with employees. The bees, on the other hand, have suffered several difficulties since their queen’s swarming and disappearance. New swarms have now been settled in the hive and all are doing well.

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