The LINKTOGETHER Foundation supports digital inclusive actions in connection with the COVID19

La Fondation de France is the first philanthropic network in France with two complementary modes of intervention: supporting sheltered foundations and developing its own action programs.

The Linktogether Foundation is under aegis of the Fondation de France.

  • Caregiver needs
  • Company for isolated or vulnerable people
  • Research funding


LINKTOGETHER Foundation participates in the solidarity around the COVID by making a donnation of 10 000€ to the Foundation de France program “Tous unis contre le virus”.


Our donation has supported various digital and educational projects in line with the Linktogether Foundation’s mission to help local NGOs support isolated or vulnerable people:

• elderly people in isolated condition at home or in institutions (phone tapping, digital solutions to maintain care, especially to stimulate people affected by Alzheimer’s disease…),
• people on the street (sheltering solutions),
• people suffering from mental disorders whose care must absolutely be maintained in current context of isolation (teleconsultations, dedicated telephone line…),
• and every other vulnerable people whose isolation can be reduced with help from the associations that the Fondation de France supports.


Many actions have been taken:
• Communication equipment have been provided to several nursing homes enabling patients to connect with their families, as well as to people living in isolated conditions,
• Tablets have been distributed to teenagers with disabilities to help them stay connected with their educator,
• A webcast has been produced by Delta 7 for people with memory problems.

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