Increasingly exposed to various threats, companies put the security of their Information System as a top priority.

Security Operations Center (SOC) is now an essential part of protection plan and data protection system that reduces the level of exposure of information systems to both external and internal risks.

What is SOC?

SOC refers to a dedicated platform and team organization to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. In other words, the SOC will collect events from different security components, analyze them, identify anomalies, and define procedures for alerts.

The SOC, which relies on multi-expert skills, thus occupies a strategic role for the security of the IS. Indeed, by the analyzes it proposes and the continuous actions in terms of improvement, it makes it possible to reinforce the security governance of the company.


The advantages of a SOC

Without SOC services, cyber-criminal attacks can remain hidden for a long time as companies do not have skills to detect and respond to threats in a timely manner. We can always quote the example of Yahoo who has seen their accounts hacked for many years without knowing it.

Thus, a SOC will allow companies to have a better visibility on their environment, have skills, processes and continuous improvement. With more and more regular attacks, many organizations are refocusing their security efforts on prevention and detection.

The main benefits of a SOC in summary:


Improved threat management

Companies regularly deploy a variety of security technologies designed to prevent and detect threats, as well as to strengthen and protect assets. For maximum efficiency, they must be centralized, standardized, correlated and monitored in real time, with resources available to analyze and respond to suspicious activities and incidents.

Incidents are often likely to span multiple entities and this requires coordinated actions to reduce risk. A SOC perfectly meets all these requirements.

With SOC, organizations will have greater speed in identifying attacks and remedying them before it cause more damages.


Maintenance of regulatory compliance

A SOC also helps you to meet regulation requirements that require security monitoring, vulnerability management, or an incident response function.


Centralization and consolidation of security functions

Consolidating security functions in a SOC can save money, enable cost-sharing and ultimately create economies of scale, while maximizing expertise, skills and resources available.


SOC as a Service

To protect themselves from today’s cyber threats, most companies set up a Security Operations Center (SOC) with trained staff and costly technology, as well as all the constant training and maintenance that go with it.

But SOC is often not an option because of its constraints and costs of implementation. Using an external third party SOC is a reliable and efficient solution with a reasonable cost while benefiting from a high level expertise and skills.

To benefit from such service, is useful but it is important to be aware that the responsibility rely on the provider. The elements specified in the SLAs (Service Levels Agreement) ensure that the defined indicators meet the needs of the company.


Functions offered by an external SOC

  • Integration and supervision of company’s traffic flows
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment and security solutions (often using a SIEM)
  • Management of vulnerabilities reported by an automated analysis tool
  • Sorting and prioritizing alerts
  • Implementation of adapted responses
  • Analysis of the cause of the incident
  • Corrective actions (ex: updates, configuration changes, etc.).


To summarize, having a SOC allows you to have dynamic security that acts as a real bastion of analysis, monitoring, prevention and remediation.

With LINKBYNET’s SOC, you have a team of cyber security experts, proven processes and powerful tools to ensure your security and an effective remediation plan in the event of an attack.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. LINKBYNET, specialist in cyber security at the strategic and operational level, will be able to advise you.

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