Our talents

We wish to unleash the potential of our talents.
We accompany our employees towards the professions of the future by developing their skills through certifications and by being attentive to their satisfaction.

To achieve this, Linkbynet is committed to 4 challenges:

Attractiveness and loyalty of talents 

We closely monitor the turnover indicator and set targets below market standards to retain Linkbynet’s strength, which is our employees.


  • A tailor-made follow-up 

For newcomers, the approach is based on dedicated support from the first days of arrival and, among other things, a training plan. For work-study students and trainees, a close monitoring is carried out by Human Resources to ensure a good rate of conversion to permanent contracts.


  • The LBN Academy 

In order to alleviate the challenge of securing talent in this tense IT job market while ensuring the inclusion of all, we have conducted trainings aiming at a varied public in our business and contribute to their professional integration. This model has enabled us to train more than 170 people in our academies since 2012.

Our tailor-made group program aims to develop skills for young graduates and help them rise quickly to key positions: Cloud Solution Architect, Integrator, Cloud Security Expert, and Cloud Consultant.



Training is a strategic axis for Linkbynet, and the employability of our employees is monitored by an employee rate indicator. Training plans are established according to the group’s strategy and individual needs. We aim to maintain a high employee certification rate of at least 33%.

Workplace well-being 


We encourage open and regular dialogue with local managers via an internal satisfaction tool called the HR Temperature, which becomes open to all on a monthly basis to encourage exchanges between an employee and his or her manager.

Our employees’ satisfaction is also evaluated by the external organization, Happy at Work, on an annual basis. Linkbynet has always obtained this internationally recognized label every year.



Linkbynet aims to structure its disability policy. With this framework, Linkbynet has concluded an agreement with the AGEFIPH.