Our foundation

Through our foundation, we want to have a positive impact on the areas in which we operate by financing projects around Linkbynet’s geographical sites.


Created under the aegis of the Fondation de France in 2016, our foundation aims to :

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of human activities by funding ecological projects
  • Promote educational digital projects and foster equal opportunities.

Finance projects are selected in 3 stages:  

  • Internal call for projects,
  • Instruction of projects by employees,
  • Linktogether selection committee. 

The foundation is financed by: 

  • The eco-participation of customers,
  • The rounding up of French employees’ salaries,
  • Linkbynet which matches 100% of these contributions and completes them with its own eco-participation

The projects supported 

Since the launch of the LINKTOGETHER foundation in 2016, we have already supported various projects around the world. 

We support projects in the countries where LINKBYNET is located, having at heart to be able to participate concretely in the projects and to involve the employees. 

You will find our projects below: 



  • Passerelles Numériques

2016: Financing the tuition fees of 2 students from the 2014 – 2016 class of Passerelles numériques Vietnam. 

2018: Construction of a computer lab to provide disadvantaged youth with access to computer education and training 

2020 : Funding university and housing costs for 61 students to provide disadvantaged youth with access to education and training 

Read more: LINKTOGETHER & Passerelles Numériques


  • Duc Son Child

2017 to present: Higher education program at an orphanage in Central Vietnam (Hue) to help poor children continue their education, through secondary school 

Read more: https://www.linkbynet.com/fr/duc-son-child-linktogether-co-financent-la-gestion-lorphelinat-nha-bao-tro-phu-thuong-au-vietnam


  • CSDS

2018 : Scholarships to ensure that young people in Vietnam can access higher education, especially ethnic minorities, youth with disabilities, and applicants in remote areas. 

Read more: https://www.linkbynet.com/fr/center-for-sustainable-development-studies-lance-un-programme-de-bourse-detude



  • Youth in action

2017: 21st century skills development (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity) for children ages 7-19. 

2018: Implementation of a flood warning monitoring system for the population in Mauritius 

2020 : Promoting and training young people in beekeeping in order to protect the environment 


  • GoodPlanet Foundation 

Since 2018: Protection of the marine ecosystem: creation of an eco-zone, extension of marine protected areas and training of the community

Read more : https://www.goodplanet.org/fr/projet/preservation-restauration-de-biodiversite/conservation-ecosystemes-marins-cotiers-a-lile-maurice/



  • Thinkcode

2017-2018 : Democratizing code and learning it for people with disabilities by funding Handicamp

Read more: https://www.linkbynet.com/fr/linktogether-soutient-le-salon-thinkcode


  • SAIF

Depuis 2017 : Financement de la gestion de deux ruches dans les jardins de LINKBYNET.
En savoir plus : https://www.linkbynet.com/fr/la-fondation-linktogether-soutient-la-sauvegarde-des-abeilles-en-ile-de-france


  • JobIRL

2017: Training young people in difficulty to use the digital tool jobIRL.com to sustainably integrate into the workforce. 

2018: Tooling and training a team of teachers with career guidance educational kits. 

Learn more: https://www.linkbynet.com/fr/linktogether-soutient-les-ateliers-jobirl


  • Sport dans la ville

2018: Creation of a digital space on the Lyon campus to carry out a digital education program in sensitive neighborhoods 

2020: Creation of a space for young people enrolled in Ile de France in Pantin dedicated to training and professional integration 


  • Label Emmaus

 2020 : Support for the SAS pre-qualification training “Discovering the e-commerce ecosystem and acquiring fundamental digital skills” over 4 weeks 


  • Fondation de France

 2020: Participation in solidarity around COVID by donating €10,000 to the Fondation de France program “Tous unis contre le virus” on education and digital projects


  • Parti Poétique

2020 : Supporting the urban farm in Saint Denis: reconverting land into ecological agriculture, permaculture, recycling organic waste and creating a nursery… to fight against climate change