Depending on the context, issues and constraints, we evaluate and deploy the most appropriate solutions


With new ways of working in companies’ organizations and digital transformation based on cloud solutions, everything is now interconnected, increasing potential security breaches and cyber-attacks. Securing assets is becoming a priority for everyone, which is why cybersecurity solutions are numerous and more and more complex.

As MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) for many years and many customers, Linkbynet CyberSecurity supports you in selecting, integrating, and tuning innovative cybersecurity solutions.


To integrate the best secure solution for you we will:

  • Start with a cybersecurity audit of your current infrastructure and configuration, which may include vulnerability test, Pentest, and code audit
  • Confirm that the minimum best practices are implemented: Firewall/Security Groups, Hardening, Antivirus, Patching, Monitoring and Backup
  • Design the solution we need to integrate based on your needs and situation: EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and NDR (Network Detection and Response), Identity & Access Management (IAM), PAM (Privileged Access Management), WAF (Web and Application Firewall), Anti D-Dos, Cloud Security : Micro Segmentation , Landing Zone, CASB (Cloud Access Security Blocker), Control Tower, DevSecOps, GSO (Governance Security Officer)


  • Constantly improve the availability, reliability and scalability of your information system
  • Protect your organizations from costly data breaches and cyber attacks
  • Deploy a high level of security and reduce the risks
  • Integrate the best practices and the adjusted cybersecurity solutions



The consultants adapt well to immediate needs and constraints. You always get to the point, even when it's not obvious, because they are pragmatic. LINKBYNET CYBERSECURITY consultants meet deadlines, stay well aligned with the objectives.

LAURENT VOILLOT, CISO French Governement



Corporate 6 January 2022

Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a Mauritian NGO that aims to promote the education of young Mauritians through actions that improve the living standard of the vulnerable. For this purpose, the association has been developing various projects targeting young people.

Corporate 6 January 2022


The Emmaus Label is an e-commerce platform that both gives its products a second life and its people, a second chance. The shop offers second-hand, creative and fair trade craft products from the Emmaus network and SSE structures. These products are put online on the site by socially excluded members of the community who have received training on how to manage an online shop from A to Z.

Corporate 6 January 2022


Sport dans la Ville is a French association that provides a springboard for young people by supporting them in their education, career orientation and entry into the workforce. The purpose of Sport dans la Ville is to promote access of each young person to qualification and employment through a "Job in the City" program.