JobIRL is an association that helps young people in their orientation by connecting them with professionals through the platform and workshops. The platform brings together young people aged 14 to 25 and professionals who are open to answering young people’s requests to talk to them about their job. The young people also have access to information on jobs, training, career guidance news and internship offers from professionals. This tool is supplemented with face-to-face workshops on guidance and meetings with professionals.


In 2017, the LINKTOGETHER foundation supported the creation of workshops for young people in difficulty in the Seine Saint Denis region to give them the keys to connect to to find answers about jobs and training, to build a network, to ask questions to a professional… and on a more individual basis, these workshops helped them to build a professional project. JobIRL has thus supported 110 young people from the priority district of the city of Saint Denis, 76% of them returned to the JobIRL site on their own and thus validated their registrations.


In 2018, JobIRL has developed an educational kit “Connect to your future” to help secondary school students in priority education in their orientation. This kit includes various tools that allow all those involved to lead reflection sessions on guidance. JobIRL’s objective is to train teachers and volunteers to run its workshops in order to increase tenfold the number of workshops that can be run and thus reach more and more young people. A total of 67 final-year students from the ES, L, STMG and S streams at the Jacques Brel high school in La Courneuve took part in a two-hour workshop with experience sharing, games about the diversity of the world of work, exchanges on the evolution of professions and sectors of the future, getting to grips with the social network and putting them in touch with members of the community. Three LINKBYNET employees took part in the workshops.

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