Last year at LINKBYNET headquarter, more than 70,000 single use plastic cups are thrown away. Only 50% of the being recycled!

Beyond the environmental issues associated with plastic cup, they are also harmful to health! One too many reason to stop the use of plastic cups. As part of its CSR strategy, LINKBYNET wants to change its habits, and bring upon a sensibilization to its Linkies in a fun way and innovative way which will engage them.

Create your own mug!

To initiate this change and onboarding collaborators the Paris office of LINKBYNET launched a “create your own mug” competition, which allowed all the employees to use their creativity and redesign their own basic ceramic mugs! Plastic cups were replaced with personalized ceramic cups which were all created by employees!

The competition was a real success! Very creative Linkies transformed their white mugs into colourful, unique and environmentally friendly mugs!

Focus on other sites 

Going beyond the border, the Indian Ocean Office of LINKBYNET also launches initiative to promote the use of ceramic mugs! The coffee machines can now accommodate ceramic cups for hot beverages instead of just the plastic cups!

Further to the plastic cups all employees also have a reusable water bottle to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used on a daily basis!

About the collaborators of LINKBYNET Nantes and LINKBYNET Lyon, they have been using ceramic mugs for several years now.

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