Linkbynet guides Solocal in its migration to the public cloud.

How did Linkbynet support its client Solocal in its 100% digital transformation project?

The project context

Today, the digital wave is pushing many companies to join the Cloud, enabling them to reduce costs and optimize their performance.

Likewise, Solocal wanted to modernize its infrastructure by migrating a large part of its IT equipment to the public cloud.

Solocal’s information systems consisted solely of on-premises servers.

The migration project was divided into three deliverables:

  • Applications & Infrastructures
  • PagesJaunes Digital
  • Business Intelligence


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Linkbynet supported Solocal in both the choice of Cloud provider and the implementation of the transformation. Microsoft Azure was selected for the first deliverable and Google Cloud Platform for the other two.

Solocal prioritized the criteria of experience, expertise, flexibility, and pricing, to successfully complete this major project, which impacts on Solocal'score business.

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Through this partnership with Linkbynet integration as part of our Move To Cloud project, Solocal demonstrates that a company can migrate to the Cloud in just a few months, to benefit from more agile and flexible infrastructures, and thus succeed in its digital transformation

Arnaud Defrenne, CIO & CTO for Solocal


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