Secure your entire IS on a Zero Trust model. Our technical expertise combined with our Cloud approach allows its implementation and the security of your entire IS


We live in a world where uses are changing, due to the massive adoption of the Cloud, the ever-increasing need for interconnection between services, the massive use of mobility and BYOD, the explosion of attacks in terms of volume and sophistication of threats, etc.

Successful authentication is no longer enough to reassure oneself of the legitimacy of a connection. The implementation of a ZeroTrust model is an obvious way to meet today's cybersecurity challenges, by rethinking access strategies by correlating the accessing identity, its context and access behavior in terms of location and devices, and the accessed resource in order to grant or deny authorization according to adapted controls and the principle of least privilege.

  • Bring mobility and flexibility to your IS by refocusing your security on identity with the Zero Trust model.
  • Capitalize on the strength of current IS services and gain maturity on your irritants by filling in your grey areas
  • Converge towards a ZeroTrust approach to provide the optimal security response to each use case.


The implementation of a ZeroTrust approach is specific to each organization. Our teams can assist you throughout the life cycle of your ZeroTrust approach: 

  • Definition of your ZeroTrust strategy and target, taking into account your current and future cybersecurity challenges
  • Analysis of the existing situation & qualification of possible building scenarios, taking into account your current maturity on ZeroTrust ISS components, your desired cybersecurity goal, and the human and financial resources available
  • Management of your ZeroTrust program and/or associated sub-projects


To be resilient and adopted, we believe that the implementation of a ZeroTrust model must generate added value for the end-user, IT teams and management:
  • Increase your visibility and control over all access attempts to your organization's services and applications
  • Improve the coverage of your IAM ecosystem
  • Enable strong & adaptive authentication
  • Improve the security of your data and applications
  • Improve the user experience by adapting the authentication kinematics to each use case
  • Strengthen the correlation capabilities of your ISS services, at the workplace and network levels
  • Reduce costs through automation and continuous monitoring



LINKBYNET CYBERSECURITY has a significant senior expertise. The firm demonstrates autonomy in the realization of missions. The approach developed by LINKBYNET CYBERSECURITY is pragmatic. LINKBYNET CYBERSECURITY consultants demonstrate a general rigor in the execution.




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