Unleash and optimize the Cloud power, with Linkbynet 
expertise and experience


Linkbynet manages your Cloud infrastructure, whether private, public or hybrid, ensuring the availability, performance and security of your data.

And helps you deal with the complexity of the Cloud: diversity of providers, variety of services, monitoring and financial optimization, linkage to your existing on-premises infrastructure.


An homogenized and simplified approach to manage cloud services and providers:

  • Standardized processes and tools across the world to ensure a consistent service catalog, whatever the cloud provider and the location.

  • Consistent build, operational services and technical expertise across the cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP and Alibaba Cloud)

  • A simplified and uniformed offering for all the type of infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS) and adjusted to Cloud providers’ catalogs and specificities


Linkbynet ensures the availability, performance and security of your Cloud infrastructures, regardless of the provider and the type of infrastructure (public, hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, CaaS):

  • Inventory / ISTM / CMDB

  • Monitoring and supervision

  • Security

  • 24/7 incident management

  • Problem management

  • Change Management

Success stories


With Linkbynet, we stepped up from an Operations standpoint. The collaboration between Schneider Electric, Microsoft Azure and Linkbynet gave rise to more secure and more robust digital services.

Yoann BERSIHAND, DevOps Manager - Schneider ElectricSee the business case


Data & IA 14 September 2021

[EXPERTS TALK] OpenAI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

A large number of companies are investing in AI among the big names in the technology world such as Google's DeepMind and Tesla's Elon Musk.

Infographic: from strategy to optimization, how to move efficiently to the Cloud?

The opportunities offered by the Cloud are so plentiful that the question is not whether companies should start the Move to Cloud process, but rather when, and above all, how.

Events 27 August 2021

Linkbynet Golf Challenge

A festive day of golf challenges, exchanges on the cloud and digital transformation in the prestigious golf course of Chantilly. Take part in an exceptional, festive and offbeat day! On September 30th, put some cloud in your swing! Registre now!