Optimize your cloud usage, access to best practices & cost control, manage your cloud bills.

With Linkbynet FinOps offers, anticipate, manage, control, reduce and optimize your Public Cloud consumption with a full range of Finops Services.


”Shorthand for Cloud Financial Management, FinOps is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend models of cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.” FinOps Foundation

Costs control is one of the Cloud promises. But if your Cloud set-up is not suitable for your usage, it can be a nightmare, and the cost-saving expectation can be far away. Linkbynet offers a full range of FinOps solutions with our Cloudeasier Application, which helps you to effectively use the Cloud and really benefit from it.


Our FinOps approach is End to End and can help at each step of your Cloud journey

  • FinOps Start

    • Cloud migration ROI calculations

    • Select the appropriate provider and buying rates negotiation

    • Determine Cloud usage strategy

    • ant your FinOps Roadmap

  • FinOps Optimize

    • We audit your cloud platform

    • Selection and implementation of the proposed optimizations

    • Gain-sharing model

  • FinOps Control 

    • FinOps Training and organizational coaching

    • Definition of FinOps processes and policies

    • Automation of compliance checks 

  • FinOps Watch

    • FinOps governance

    • Alerting and tagging

    • Continuous reporting and optimizations


If you include FinOps in your Cloud usage : 

  • Predict cloud costs and identify cloud ROI

  • Determine best asset configuration

  • Compare Cloud providers, regions, technical and financial scenarios.

  • Choose best billing model (CAPEX vs OPEX…)



The migration to GCP has improved the availability of our infrastructure.

Olivier NACHBA CIO for Altavia



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The opportunities offered by the Cloud are so plentiful that the question is not whether companies should start the Move to Cloud process, but rather when, and above all, how.

Events 27 August 2021

Linkbynet Golf Challenge

A festive day of golf challenges, exchanges on the cloud and digital transformation in the prestigious golf course of Chantilly. Take part in an exceptional, festive and offbeat day! On September 30th, put some cloud in your swing! Registre now!