Design the best way to govern, secure, store and manage your data and AI for your business


Over the past decade, many organizations have come to recognize that their future success will depend on data and AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities. Expectations are high and companies are heavily investing in the area.

A suitable data and AI strategy will enable your company to acquire, process, govern and gain value from data effectively. Without a data strategy, your team’s efforts will be greater than necessary, risks will be magnified and chances of success will be reduced.


Based on your current digital maturity we’re committed by your side to address your data & AI strategy challenges throughout our methodology:

  • Translate your business and digital strategy into your data and AI vision and strategy
  • Highlight the biggest opportunity areas optimizing your current business as well as new innovative businesses utilizing AI and data
  • Identify the business processes (product development, production, sales & marketing, supply chain, pricing, HR, finance, etc.) and use cases where you want to use data and AI
  • Understand the current state of your data and AI capabilities
  • Describe the target state for your business processes once data and AI capabilities have been deployed.
  • Define new data-driven business and product ideas
  • Define your execution roadmap, including investments
  • Execute the first data and AI use cases by creating your target operating model, aiming at production readiness
  • Automate and scale up operations


A Data & AI strategy helps to drive your digital transformation and brings several benefits including:

  • Harness innovative solutions for your business
  • Improve customer experience
  • Create new customer relationships and ultimately drive revenue growth
  • Strengthen data privacy and regulations
  • Increase productivity and agility
  • Attract and retain talents



With Linkbynet, we stepped up from an Operations standpoint. The collaboration between Schneider Electric, Microsoft Azure and Linkbynet gave rise to more secure and more robust digital services.

Yoann BERSIHAND, DevOps Manager. Schneider Electric

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Events 27 August 2021

Linkbynet Golf Challenge

A festive day of golf challenges, exchanges on the cloud and digital transformation in the prestigious golf course of Chantilly. Take part in an exceptional, festive and offbeat day! On September 30th, put some cloud in your swing! Registre now!