Training Programs: Linkbynet focuses on Cloud Native technology training programs.

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As cloud technologies become more valued than ever by organizations seeking to reduce the complexity and costs of their infrastructure and applications, the need to train IT professionals has also increased exponentially.

Although there is a plethora of courses available, it is not always easy for companies or their employees to identify a provider capable of offering structured and relevant modules, especially ones that are tailored to the constantly evolving ways in which technologies are used and work is organized and carried out.

The pandemic has actually forced the entire ecosystem to review its structural organization and the way in which training is delivered by adapting it to remote working.


What sets Linkbynet apart?

As a major player in the digital transformation landscape, Linkbynet has strategically positioned itself in the training sector for several years now. This specialization aims to meet the demands of learners and companies that experience frustration with static teaching approaches that do not fully address their constantly evolving technical and professional needs and issues.

Armed with a determination to share, exchange, and transmit knowledge, Linkbynet’s experts are now offering a series of training modules dedicated to one of the major concerns of modern companies, namely the need for employees who are as agile as the technologies on which their work relies.

Supporting technical collaborators on their training journey by providing relevant programs and flexible training specialists is part of the DNA of Linkbynet’s training programs,” explained Christophe Sauthier, Linkbynet’s Head of Consulting for North America.

“The idea is not only to bring knowledge to corporate collaborators looking to develop new expertise, but also to interact and establish a dialogue with these talents, with people in the field, since our training specialists are also working professionals who are constantly adapting to new environments and uses,” added Christophe Sauthier.


Focus on cloud-native applications

Not surprisingly, the demand for training regarding cloud technologies, practices, and uses is growing at a staggering rate. This growth is in line with a concrete reality underscored by studies carried out by Gartner and Forrester1 that anticipate a 20% and 35% growth in Cloud Native development by the end of 2021.

The reality today is that many companies have not yet fully grasped the specifics, requirements, and opportunities of cloud computing. Many such companies, when redesigning their infrastructure, simply do what is commonly known as “lift and shift.”

This practice, which consists of moving a copy of existing infrastructure and/or applications to the cloud, presents several advantages, including speed of migration, relatively controlled costs, almost immediate availability of data and applications, etc. On the other hand, this kind of migration does not enable companies to take full advantage of the numerous benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability, flexibility, agility, adaptability, and integration.

1 Source (in French): click here


Overview of our training modules

In response to the ever-growing opportunities offered by cloud technologies, Linkbynet has developed an extensive catalogue of training courses that embody the “Cloud Native culture” that is increasingly present in today’s companies.

These training courses—which can be delivered face-to-face or remotely using a dynamic, practical and always interactive approach over a short timeframe (from 1 to 3 days depending on the module)—focus on concrete examples and standard problems.

These can be supplemented by specific topics brought up by the participants themselves, which Linkbynet training specialists can then fold into the training if they address common questions or concerns that are relevant to the entire group.

Four main areas have served as pillars for developing this catalogue: Automation and DevOps Practises, Cloud Computing, Storage and Big Data, and Cloud Native Developments.

This last area, dedicated to applications, infrastructures and technologies natively designed for cloud computing, is currently one of the most in-demand training topics. Training in this area teaches participants how to implement and use the most advanced and popular solutions in today’s cloud landscape.

It includes Open Source modules dedicated to:

  • Docker, a containerization platform that enables developers to package applications into containers;
  • Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform for scheduling and automating the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications.
  • OpenShift, Red Hat’s development platform;
  • Helm, Kubernetes application manager;
  • Prometheus, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project for infrastructure monitoring.

Two complete training courses dedicated to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKS) are also included in the catalogue, and similar modules associated with other cloud providers (AWS, Azure, etc.) can be set up upon request.


Our courses promoted on the AFI network

The development of professional skills and emergence of new talents are ultimately best described by the experts in the field. Linkbynet is particularly proud to have joined the Edgenda group’s network, more specifically its AFI Expertise division, and to be listed as a key reference in the field of IT training.

AFI trains over 75,000 people in Canada in strategic occupations and offers over 275 modules dedicated to IT occupations.

Linkbynet is a major player in the digital transformation landscape and in the optimization and security of your IT systems, infrastructure, and resources. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or support on these issues.


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