The new Linkbynet’s face

Corporate Press release 22 February 2021
  • 3m

Linkbnet’s story

We are a pure product of innovation.

Created 20 years ago to address new needs in managed services and cloud solutions, we have an optimistic vision of technology and its great benefits for our ways of working, collaborating and living.
In today’s constantly changing world, the strategic transformation of businesses cannot take place without the development, management and security of powerful, customised digital infrastructures. If they are invisible to everyone, we are convinced they have become essential for the growth and survival of companies and organisations.


Our mission is simple and clear:

Lead the way in designing and maintaining the digital infrastructures to support our clients’ strategic transformation.

We believe that digital infrastructures can release enormous potential for businesses and make their strategic transformation real. Always ahead, always on the ball, we have ourselves undergone a radical transformation and have enriched our core profession with key areas of expertise: consultancy, security and the development of software solutions. We have built a diverse team with wide-ranging expertise and the ability to offer our clients end-to end support.

Our ‘challenger’ position inspires us every day. Much more than a market position, it is a mindset. We are developers, builders and consultants but, above all, we are people with a passion for our profession and its future development. And our finest achievements are our clients’ successes.
At LINKBYNET, we pave the way for progress so that our clients can realise their full potential.




Our positionning

Premium invisible infrastructure services to support digital transformation.

Our unique value proposition

Tailor-made IT services, developed by people for people.
Expertise and innovative technologies based on both collective power and passion for innovation.

Discover our new signature to embody our energy and dynamic

Always on is a mindset:

We are always there for our clients, always delivering beyond expectations, always on the lookout for new technologies and innovative solutions. Always on for others

Always on is our standard:

Our signature accurately describes our ‘always on’ solutions: available 24/7 all year long, end-to-end monitored and secured, with uninterrupted high-quality customer service.


Linkbynet’s strategy

Why? Digital infrastructures; no one can see them, and yet they play a vital role in supporting the implementation, roll-out and security of new technologies. They are the cornerstone and invisible backbone of every transformation strategy.

How? Develop innovative, optimised and state-of-the-art digital infrastructures that support our clients’ strategic transformation, including network, security and applications.

What? We deliver this added value through our 4 pillars:

    We advise on and design your cloud strategy, you succeed in your digital transformation
    We secure your digital assets, you safely expand your business
    We modernize your cloud solutions, you innovate quicker
    We optimize the management of your data and infrastructure, you deliver performance


Data & IA 14 September 2021

[EXPERTS TALK] OpenAI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

A large number of companies are investing in AI among the big names in the technology world such as Google's DeepMind and Tesla's Elon Musk.

Infographic: from strategy to optimization, how to move efficiently to the Cloud?

The opportunities offered by the Cloud are so plentiful that the question is not whether companies should start the Move to Cloud process, but rather when, and above all, how.

Events 27 August 2021

Linkbynet Golf Challenge

A festive day of golf challenges, exchanges on the cloud and digital transformation in the prestigious golf course of Chantilly. Take part in an exceptional, festive and offbeat day! On September 30th, put some cloud in your swing! Registre now!