Corporate 6 January 2022
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Sport dans la Ville is a French association that provides a springboard for young people by supporting them in their education, career orientation and entry into the workforce. The purpose of Sport dans la Ville is to promote access of each young person to qualification and employment through a "Job in the City" program.

In an environment becoming increasingly"digital" where 60% of the jobs in 2030 do not exist yet, a mastery in new digital tools has become paramount. Such new skills are indispensable on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. Therefore, in order to break the digital barrier affecting sensitive neighborhoods, Sport dans la Ville has created a digital education program to raise awareness among young people, teach them the best practices and allow them to master the skills they will need in the professional world.

For this purpose, the LINKTOGETHER foundation has co-financed the creation of a dedicated digital space within the campus of Sport dans la Ville de Lyon. This space, inaugurated in January 2019, facilitates the organization of workshops about digital careers, introduction to coding and programming and the proper use of social networks to look for training and jobs. This space also allows the participation of professionals and business leaders of the sector.

Within the framework of this partnership initiated with Sport dans la Ville, Linkbynet Rhône Alpes has hosted a morning session for young people from Sport dans la Ville to introduce themselves to Linkbynet and the diverse careers we offer. Linkbynet has also donated computer screens for the offices of Sport dans la Ville.

In 2020, the LINKTOGETHER foundation is supporting the creation of a space dedicated to young people registered in Ile de France in Pantin (93). This space to be known as "Job in the city", will be used for training and professional integration, and will include:

  • a training space dedicated to digital skills and awareness-raising on entrepreneurship
  • a co-working space for jobbers and entrepreneurs coming with digital tools at their disposal
  • an event space to organize, for example, employment forums
Corporate 6 January 2022

Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a Mauritian NGO that aims to promote the education of young Mauritians through actions that improve the living standard of the vulnerable. For this purpose, the association has been developing various projects targeting young people.

Corporate 6 January 2022


The Emmaus Label is an e-commerce platform that both gives its products a second life and its people, a second chance. The shop offers second-hand, creative and fair trade craft products from the Emmaus network and SSE structures. These products are put online on the site by socially excluded members of the community who have received training on how to manage an online shop from A to Z.

Training Programs: Linkbynet focuses on Cloud Native technology training programs.

As cloud technologies become more valued than ever by organizations seeking to reduce the complexity and costs of their infrastructure and applications, the need to train IT professionals has also increased exponentially.