Linktogether & Passerelles Numériques

Corporate 7 May 2020
  • 2m

“Passerelles Numériques” is an NGO (non-governmental organization), created in 2010 and based in Da Nang, Vietnam. 

This NGO does everything possible to help students from underprivileged backgrounds to build a better future.

The objective is to develop an effective professional training model: to help young people enhance their employability through training and internships, and thus provide quality graduates for the Vietnamese IT market.

Passerelles Numérique thus offers disadvantaged young people a three-year professional training course in the IT field. This training also addresses soft-skill development and career guidance. Passerelles Numérique Vietnam has already trained 298 young people, 98% of whom have obtained stable employment. Students who benefit from Passerelles Numériques’ training are also supported for health care and extra-curricular activities and access to housing; most of them coming from remote rural communities.

In 2016, the LINKTOGETHER Foundation financed the tuition fees of two students from the class of 2014-2016 by covering all related costs: housing, transport, food…

At the same time, LINKBYNET welcomed 2 trainees Thi and Vy for 6 months in its Vietnam office in Ho-Chi-Minh city. This was the first time Thi and Vy had been away from their family for such a long time, and we are very happy to have been able to give them access to the professional world through this internship and thus to a better future. We are also very happy to have supported girls in the IT sector!

Since 2016, Passerelles Numériques has changed its training program from two to three years in order to adapt to the needs of the job market. The third year of training benefits from a 50% participation of IT companies for the final year project, specialized training, entrepreneurship module and apprenticeship period.

In 2018, Passerelles Numériques put this third year of training into practice for the first time and needed support in different areas. The LINKTOGETHER Foundation supported this project by co-financing the construction of two additional laboratory rooms with powerful computers and all necessary equipment to carry out innovative courses with a 3D printer, a sensor kit, etc.

This laboratory has notably enabled third year students to complete their final year project in April 2019. During the “Entrepreneurship” module, students presented their business ideas and the best ideas were chosen to be developed in this 7-week project. The students were given no classes and access to computers to develop their working prototype website or application. Their product demonstrations were well-received by the jury, who were impressed by the maturity of the ideas and the progress of the prototype. After this third year, 60% of these students obtained job offers after their five-month internship.

In 2020, the LINKTOGETHER Foundation continues its support to Passerelles Numériques Vietnam and finances the university and housing costs of 61 students. We wish all these students access to a better future by obtaining skills and a job at the end of this training.

Corporate 6 January 2022

Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a Mauritian NGO that aims to promote the education of young Mauritians through actions that improve the living standard of the vulnerable. For this purpose, the association has been developing various projects targeting young people.

Corporate 6 January 2022


The Emmaus Label is an e-commerce platform that both gives its products a second life and its people, a second chance. The shop offers second-hand, creative and fair trade craft products from the Emmaus network and SSE structures. These products are put online on the site by socially excluded members of the community who have received training on how to manage an online shop from A to Z.

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Sport dans la Ville is a French association that provides a springboard for young people by supporting them in their education, career orientation and entry into the workforce. The purpose of Sport dans la Ville is to promote access of each young person to qualification and employment through a "Job in the City" program.