LINKBYNET Presents CLOUDEASIER, specialist in FinOps & Cloud costs optimization

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 Aymeric THAS-PINOT and Sébastien PAUSET created Cloudeasier with a single idea: « Make FinOps Easy! »

Saint Denis, 3rd December 2019.

Pure player in FinOps, Cloudeasier helps companies anticipate, manage, control and optimize their spending in the public cloud. From selecting the ideal cloud provider to proactively monitoring new billing innovations, the consultants help their customers achieve greater financial and environmental efficiency.

« Untapped cloud resources represent several billion dollars per year worldwide. The financial and ecological impact is enormous. That’s why we created Cloudeasier, to make cloud cost control accessible to organizations.

One motto: Make FinOps Easy! »

explains AYMERIC THAS-PINOT , co-founder of Cloudeasier.

Cloudeasier is also an application that Sébastien PAUSET and Aymeric THAS-PINOT imagined and developed. This intelligent multicloud calculator allows in a few clicks to see clearly among the service catalogs of the main cloud providers, and to compare the costs of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

The complexity of cloud providers’ financial models is a real challenge. The application allows to compare cloud providers, find the ideal configuration and also predict and anticipate costs over the coming years. »

says Sébastien PAUSET, co-founder of Cloudeasier.


Thanks to Cloudeasier, LINKBYNET offers its customers a truly effective solution for optimizing their cloud invoice. Cloudeasier’s billing model is simply based on a percentage of the actual gains achieved.

This spin-off is part of the external growth strategy that LINKBYNET has been pursuing since 2016, and strengthens its position in the consulting, software and FinOps market. LINKBYNET is now a key player competent to supporting its customers throughout the value chain of critical IT projects.

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