Cloud advisor, head in the “Cloud” !

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Advise and design the Cloud strategy of our customers to help them succeed in their digital transformation and support the performance of their businesses: the promise of Linkbynet's new Cloud Advisor entity. 

A pure product of innovation, created 20 years ago to address the emerging needs of managed services and more recently cloud solutions, Linkbynet articulates an optimistic vision of technology and its proven benefits to support the way we work, collaborate and live.  

«How can we leverage the best of the cloud to achieve our strategic goals and succeed in our digital transformation?" This is the question that most companies ask themselves when deciding on their digital transformation strategy. 

To provide an expert answer to this question, Linkbynet is launching its new Cloud Advisor entity, whose mission is to assist its customers in defining their Cloud strategy.    

This entity crystallizes Linkbynet's repositioning on the Cloud market by delivering a comprehensive approach to digital transformation. Define the Cloud strategy and support companies in managing their transformation. It is a complete and "participative" response that allows companies to move to an anticipatory mode rather than a reactive one. 

To bring more added value, Cloud Advisor announces its first support offers: Definition of the cloud strategy, maturity assessment ...  

This new offer is above all born from an observation. In a constantly changing world, where innovation is omnipresent and must be increasingly rapid and reactive to meet market expectations, our customers are looking for agility, efficiency, quality, security, sustainability and innovation, and they want this to serve the performance of their businesses. 

According to our offer, any Cloud strategy can be broken down into 5 major steps: vision, diagnosis of the existing situation, definition of strategic objectives, identification of projects to achieve these objectives and the implementation roadmap.  

Today, every company, whether private or public, has clearly identified the benefits of moving to the public cloud.  

The transformation process is now well underway. 

The motivations are mainly a search for flexibility in an uncertain environment, financial savings, easier international deployment, an allocation of time to higher value-added activities, access to innovative technologies, shared responsibility for cyber security, etc. 

This offer has two major contributions to our services: 

To shed light on strategic orientations, and to help in the decision making process to concretize this strategy.  

Where Linkbynet makes the difference in the market is precisely in its ability to design with its customers their strategic support in the context of their digital transformation. Linkbynet has established itself as the leader in this market through its unique 360° approach, which ensures a high degree of consistency in the project by combining the necessary technological evolutions with good practices and governance expectations as well as the internal challenges of the organization.   

Taking advantage of Linkbynet's unique experience across the entire transformation chain allows our customers to gain in efficiency and speed and to make these changes while respecting a Green IT requirement, which is also Linkbynet's commitment. 

« Digital infrastructures are the cornerstone of any strategic business transformation. And because of the importance of the transformation of these infrastructures and the modernization of applications, Linkbynet wanted to arrive as early as possible to strategically support digital decision-makers, by creating this Advisor pillar. This way we can advise them on their Cloud strategy while insisting on the most important elements of the moment such as Green IT, FinOps, CyberSecurity and Data. "explains Benjamin Detroye - Director of Offerings at Linkbynet Group 

Linkbynet opts for a unique and differentiating approach on the market, based on 4 fundamentals:  

  • Agnostic, we always offer the best to our customers according to their needs and constraints 
  • From end-to-end, from assessment to design to implementation management, we provide complete solutions to our customers.  
  • Agility, to succeed, skills and mastery of native cloud technologies are no longer enough. We work in agile mode to better leverage these new technologies 
  • Always on, always there for our customers, we always go beyond expectations, always looking for new technologies and innovative solutions to help them reach their full potential. 

This solution proposed by Linkbynet also has the advantage of being able to rely on the multiplicity of bricks offered by our 3 other pillars: 

Cybersecurity. Essential solution to secure our customers' digital assets in order to secure their growth.  

Cloud TransformerMobilize our best expertise to deploy our customers' Cloud projects to enable them to innovate quickly.  

Cloud OptimizerWe optimize the management of data and infrastructure of our customers, whether it is in managing the efficiency of applications or a better use of cloud spending (FinOps), they are more efficient.  

The Group's expertise relies on a community of nearly 1,000 experts across 4 continents to help our customers reach their full potential. To design, deploy, optimize, improve performance and secure your Cloud strategy and infrastructures, Linkbynet provides innovative solutions, accompanied by a Premium service, whether it be for the network, applications or system security.   

Today we know that digital infrastructures and data security are the keystone of any business transformation strategy, they are invisible but vital.  

And what mankind has also known since Seneca said it, is that "there is no favourable wind for him who does not know where he is going". Linkbynet knows how to guide you on this journey, and this is the mission of every leader.   

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