We wish to build sustainable offers and services. Linkbynet is eager to provide quality, ethical, and secure service, the key axes of the trust our customers have placed in us, by developing offers that respond to the current climate issues. We have become part of, since 2013, the prestigious circle of companies certified in iso/iec 20000-1: 2011.


Linkbynet is committed on 4 points:

  • Data protection
  • Ethics
  • Responsible Digital Transformation
  • Our responsible purchasing policy

Data protection

Data protection is a key issue in this dematerialized world. It is even more important for Linkbynet, being in line with our core business activities. Our CSR upholds data protection for the benefit of our stakeholders, customers, employees, and suppliers.

This ambitious approach to reducing personal and corporate incidents involves various means, from awareness raising to internal communication and training, until an external awareness is reached.


“Ethical business conduct is a priority for Linkbynet; it is a commitment that is essential to our success and to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. It is reflected on and impacts all aspects of our business. As Linkbynet integrates strong values into our corporate governance, we have decided, in addition to this corporate culture, to formalize our ethical commitments about our business practices”. – Patrick Aisenberg Co-fondateur de Linkbynet

All our sales teams are trained in ethical practices – we have built together the Linkbynet ethics charter which is now integrated into and required during contract signing of all newcomers. Our ethics charter commits us all to refuse any form of corruption.

To report any type of unethical behavior, an alert escalation procedure is in place. You can thus report to, which is composed of Linkbynet Group’s human resources directors and legal manager.

Responsible Digital Transformation

With the digital world constituting the ecological footprint of the 7th continent, Linkbynet proposes to limit the impact of their customers, the following initiatives:

Solutions to avoid and reduce our IT impact

Optimization tools to size platforms according to needs; Cloudeasier will accompany you in these processes. In 2019, we have avoided the use of approximately 800 servers, a saving of about 320MWh / year, the equivalent of a dozen French households;

An eco-participation program to join the fight against climate change

Our eco-participation system, which allows us, through the LINKTOGETHER foundation and with our clients, to support ecological projects to reduce the carbon footprint of human activities.

We encourage all customers to participate in our eco-participation program. Depending on the equipment we host and manage in their stead as well as and the services we provide, a financial contribution is kindly sought, based on the data provided by Action Carbone. We also apply this participation to our own equipment. All eco-participation paid for by our customers are given to the LINKTOGETHER Foundation’s Environment program. Linkbynet matches the amount 100% in global financial support to the LINKTOGETHER Foundation.

Discover our supported projects

Our responsible purchasing policy

LINKBYNET has its responsible purchasing policy in place and is committed to respecting the principles stated therein in its purchases:

  • Best quality/price ratio: We select our suppliers with complete impartiality and according to the objective criteria defined upstream. We ensure systematic competition and fair treatment of all suppliers in calls for tenders.
  • Supplier relationship: We wish to establish a relationship based on trust and that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Our objective is to foster a quality and long-lasting relationship.
  • Supplier commitment: We favor committed and local companies as well as those from adapted sectors.
We always ask our suppliers to sign our supplier CSR charter which commits them to our CSR strategy: Responsible Company, Talents and Planet, along with ethical commitments identical to those in our internal ethical charter.


Corporate 3 January 2022


Sport dans la Ville est une association française qui constitue un tremplin pour les jeunes en les accompagnant dans leur éducation, leur orientation et leur entrée dans la vie active. L'objectif de Sport dans la Ville est de favoriser l'accès de chaque jeune à une qualification et à un emploi à travers le programme "Job dans la Ville".

Corporate 3 January 2022


Label Emmaüs est une plateforme e-commerce qui donne à la fois une seconde vie aux objets et une seconde chance aux personnes. La boutique propose des produits d’occasion, de création et d’artisanat équitable provenant du réseau Emmaüs et de structures de l’ESS. Les produits sont mis en ligne sur le site par des personnes en situation d'exclusion formées pour gérer une boutique en ligne de A à Z.

Corporate 3 January 2022

Youth in Action

Youth in Action est une ONG mauricienne qui vise à promouvoir l’éducation des jeunes mauriciens via des actions permettant d’améliorer le niveau de vie des personnes vulnérables. Dans ce but, l’association développe des projets variés à destination des jeunes.