Linkbynet wishes to optimize its resources and reduce its negative impact on the environment, beginning with managing its internal energy consumption and waste.



Linkbynet’s carbon emission mostly comes from data centers, cloud, computer hardware, and employee travel.

IT Impacts

This is the sole focus of our challenge towards the responsible digital transformation presented in our Responsible Business section.

Employee travel

  • Our travel policy is integrated with environmental recommendations:
    Optimize travel, by mobilizing only necessary people;
  • Favor the use of videoconferences to bring together distant stakeholders;
  • Favor train (and public transportation) over car or plane;
  • When the urban facilities become available to allow for safe commuting of our employees, they will be advised to use ‘soft’ modes of transportation for local travel (less than 5 km): walking, cycling, scooter…

For several years now, we have been offering a bicycle mileage allowance to our French employees for their commute trip from home to work.

Our head office

LBN Valley is the first French office complex to be awarded the Minergie label.

Minergie is a Swiss certification stipulating a very high energy performance (40 kWhep/m²/year, with the 2012 RT requiring an average main energy consumption of less than 50 kWh/m²/year), and requiring buildings to favor both the environment and the comfort of their users. Switzerland has been at the research forefront in the field of sustainable buildings for many years, and with this label, has opened the doors to more than 15 years’ experience to draw on. Minergie requires only one factor to be taken into account: the amount of final energy applied. After one month of use, our Minergie building was officially awarded the “Minergie building” label. In terms of energy consumptions, according to an energy audit carried out in 2015, our building consumed 155 kWh/m²/year, i.e. 7.77 TeqCO2/m²/year.

  • Use of natural lighting: We substantially limit our need for artificial light thanks to an automatically adjustable sunshade and brightness system that adapts to the outside lightning, and the motion detectors that have been integrated into all meeting rooms as well as toilets and hallways.
  • Ventilation: The outside air is treated and then re-injected into the building through a system of air purification, sanitation, and treatment (because this air still contains calories, and it would be a pity to reject it!). This may seem a bit confusing to you, but we no longer need to ventilate since we live in a cocoon of purified air.
  • Geothermal energy: This phenomenon exploits the energy extracted from the earth and convert it into heat. Two wells have been dug more than 70 meters deep to provide large quantities of water, at an almost constant temperature of 12°C, which will then be treated and used to heat or cool our building according to needs.
  • Thermal insulation: The construction of our building was carried out using the most efficient materials in terms of insulation. In fact, LBN Valley is far more insulated than the usual, with triple glazing, and large building thickness to ensure high inertia, etc. These various solutions effectively reduce heat loss in the winter and provide coolness in the summer.
  • Painting of the building’s facade: Walls facing south are painted in light colors to repel the heat, while those facing north are in darker colors to retain it.

Circular economy

Waste sorting and recycling is implemented at almost all Linkbynet sites to recycle as much of our office waste as possible, such as cups (totally eliminated in Nantes and Saint-Denis), cans, bottles, paper, etc. Linkbynet makes sure that all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are dismantled and recycled by a suitable company approved by the ICPE.


Corporate 3 January 2022


Sport dans la Ville est une association française qui constitue un tremplin pour les jeunes en les accompagnant dans leur éducation, leur orientation et leur entrée dans la vie active. L'objectif de Sport dans la Ville est de favoriser l'accès de chaque jeune à une qualification et à un emploi à travers le programme "Job dans la Ville".

Corporate 3 January 2022


Label Emmaüs est une plateforme e-commerce qui donne à la fois une seconde vie aux objets et une seconde chance aux personnes. La boutique label-emmaus.co propose des produits d’occasion, de création et d’artisanat équitable provenant du réseau Emmaüs et de structures de l’ESS. Les produits sont mis en ligne sur le site par des personnes en situation d'exclusion formées pour gérer une boutique en ligne de A à Z.

Corporate 3 January 2022

Youth in Action

Youth in Action est une ONG mauricienne qui vise à promouvoir l’éducation des jeunes mauriciens via des actions permettant d’améliorer le niveau de vie des personnes vulnérables. Dans ce but, l’association développe des projets variés à destination des jeunes.