Accenture Completes Acquisition of Linkbynet for Cloud First Services

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We are a pure product of innovation. Established 20 years ago to address the emerging needs of managed services and, more recently, the needs of cloud solutions, we have an optimistic view of technology and its proven benefits to the way we work, collaborate and live. In this ever-changing world, strategic business transformation cannot be achieved without developing, managing and securing powerful, customized digital infrastructures. While invisible to most, it is undeniable that they have become essential to the growth and survival of businesses and organizations.

Linkbynet's service offering and range of services cover all the needs of companies in terms of digital transformation from start to finish.

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There are always servers and infrastructure somewhere in the company that needs to be transformed modernized, secured and optimized. Some platforms can not be migrated into the cloud but are subject to continuous improvement.

Over the years, Cloud adoption has become the standard trend. Cloud is the cornerstone of digital transformations, enables faster, more agile responses to ever-changing business demands; Along with its numerous benefits, the cloud also introduces significant complexity and risk that we address in our multi-cloud solutions.

With Cloud Native, you can create and execute scalable applications in modern and dynamic environments and leverage all the advantages of cloud computing: elasticity, scalability, automation.

We have developed a full Cloud Native and DevOps offer to help you from the definition of your modernization strategy, the implementation of the DevSecOps approach in your organization, the implementation of CI/CD pipelines, and the optimization of your containers and serverless platform.

Data is a challenge! Velocity of creation, volume generated, variety of data, veracity of the information collected are key factors to manage for any company that wants to take insights from them.

To help its Clients face this challenge Linkbynet delivers an end-to-end solution combining all its expertise.

We secure your digital assets, with a security native approach in all our offers, to let you safely expand your business.


Data & IA 14 September 2021

[EXPERTS TALK] OpenAI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

A large number of companies are investing in AI among the big names in the technology world such as Google's DeepMind and Tesla's Elon Musk.

Infographic: from strategy to optimization, how to move efficiently to the Cloud?

The opportunities offered by the Cloud are so plentiful that the question is not whether companies should start the Move to Cloud process, but rather when, and above all, how.

Events 27 August 2021

Linkbynet Golf Challenge

A festive day of golf challenges, exchanges on the cloud and digital transformation in the prestigious golf course of Chantilly. Take part in an exceptional, festive and offbeat day! On September 30th, put some cloud in your swing! Registre now!