Duc Son Child & LINKTOGETHER co-finance the management of the Vietnamese Nha Bao Tro Phu Thuong orphanage

Duc Son Child is a French association that helps Vietnam by providing education access to orphans and impoverished children to lift them out of poverty.

Since the summer of 2017, Duc Son Child has taken care of all the expenses of the Nha Bao Tro Phu Thuong orphanage. This orphanage, which has existed for more than 10 years, takes in 40 orphans or impoverished children with high potential, likely to pass the university entrance exam (very selective in Vietnam). These children are fully taken care of and supervised from junior to senior high school. They leave the orphanage upon entering university, leaving room for new children in the center. Since its creation, the 48 children of the orphanage have managed to pass very selective university exams.


The LINKTOGETHER Foundation is delighted to co-finance the management of this orphanage for the period from 2017 to 2020


In addition to the management of this center, Duc Son Child Ils offers scholarships to young people leaving the orphanage in Phu Thuong and 2 other orphanages in Vietnam. These scholarships cover the entire university course, usually 4 years, and account for the cost of living, tuition and other related fees. In 2019, Duc Son Child was sponsoring 51 university students. Since the beginning of the program, more than 15 students have graduated and begun working.

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