Analyse, evaluate, advise

SECURIVIEW supports all organizations in the implementation of cybersecurity strategies.

Our consultants will advise you on the protection of your digital transformation. Their expertise includes technology, change management and knowledge of cybersecurity standards and legislation.


  • Evaluate your ISS maturity level
  • Evaluate your level of compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Establish risk treatment plans indexed to your issues and needs
  • Acquire required or relevant certifications
  • Generate digital trust to facilitate business growth
  • Perform a secure migration to a cloud environment


  • AUDIT : ISS diagnosis, architecture audit, organizational audit, configuration audit, code analysis, external/internal penetration testing, social Engineering, Digital forensics


  • CONSULTING : cybersecurity strategic consulting, risk analysis, conformity: ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, PCI-DSS, HDS, RGPD, Coaching CISO, Readiness for SOC assessment, Readiness for cloud assessment


  • MANAGEMENT : security comittees, management of risk treatment plans, SMSI follow up, implementation of internal control operations


  • Certified consultants with expertise in auditing and compliance practices with respect to cybersecurity standards and laws
  • Tools and methodologies guaranteeing the efficiency and rigor of our services
  • Multi-sector knowledge to accurately understand your business challenges
  • A national and international coverage allowing us to support you in a seamless way across all your sites and subsidiaries