We live in a world of paradoxes: acceleration of consumption, waste, where the norm becomes the disposable and the ephemeral. The IT is no exception.

In a world of finite resources, the human being aspires to infinity. In the face of a consumerist society, the human being and his eco-system must be preserved, transformed and renewed. We are all actors in it.

At LINKBYNET, our ambition is to support the long-term transformation of our employees and customers, and to optimize the resources of our eco-system. This link is reflected in the need to raise awareness and implement a long-term vision.


In 2000, the IT was undergoing a major transformation. LINKBYNET was born from this observation: the combination of service quality and the ability to innovate during increasingly frequent phases of evolution.

Building a qualitative company that focuses on people is the backbone of LINKBYNET’s transformation and growth.

LINKBYNET is part of a sustainable transformation, by 2021 our CSR strategy is based on strong commitments on our responsible business, our talents and the planet.


Involve our customers and suppliers in sustainable service offerings by:

  • Training and raising awareness among our stakeholders on data security
  • Strengthening ethics in the LINKBYNET culture
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of LINKBYNET service offerings through responsible digital transformation
  • Challenging and continuing a responsible dialogue on environmental and human perimeters with our suppliers


Promote each other’s talents by:

  • Enhancing the attractiveness and loyalty of talent
  • Developing the employability of our employees by maintaining the rate of certified employees and increasing the employment rate of junior employees (internship, apprenticeship and contract)
  • Maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction
  • Developing actions in favour of diversity, in particular for disabled workers


Optimize resources responsibly by reducing

  • Our energy resource consumption, all together
  • The volume and number of unused computer files
  • The amount of plastic waste from our internal consumption 


Beyond the CSR strategy, our civic commitment is expressed through our LINKTOGETHER foundation, which supports 2 vocations throughout the world:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of human activities by supporting ecological projects
  • Promotion of digital educational projects to promote equal opportunities in education