Our CSR approach

At LINKBYNET, we believe that innovation fuels business transformation. We know that information technologies demand excellent skills and a culture of satisfation and commitment.

We aim to be the most trusted partner in our client’s success.

It is in this context that LINKBYNET’s CSR approach continues to grow from year to year and is bescoming more and more established.



The LINKTOGETHER foundation, created under the aegis of the Fondation de France in 2016, supports projects in the countries in which LINKBYNET operates and which aims to: – Promote digital educational projects and promote equal opportunities, – Reduce the carbon footprint of human activities by financing ecological projects.

Learn more : http://www.linktogether.fr/en/linktogether-foundation/


The environmental impacts of LINKBYNET are due to the consumption of Datacenters, IT equipment but also to employee travel. Since 2009, we have been working with the eco-participation program to support of environmental projects and in raising employees’ awareness of eco-actions.


LINKBYNET is a strong advocate of the values represented by CSR. This is why we are particularly keen to engage our stakeholders in our approach by implementing various projects such as the implementation of a responsible purchasing policy or the commitment to customer satisfaction.


LINKBYNET develops a friendly policy for the enjoyment of employees. This provides all employees with a stimulating work environment, the development of employee potential and the use of collective intelligence.

To measure job satisfaction, an annual survey is submitted every year to all our employees. In 2018, we positioned ourselves in 9th position in the happy@work ranking (IT sector, 200 to 999 employees)


Patrick AISENBERG, co-founder of LINKBYNET is the sponsor of the CSR approach at LINKBYNET.

This project is piloted by Anne FRINGANT, CSR project manager and conducted regularly as collaboratively as possible by a team of volunteers across all LINKBYNET sites.

The values of the CSR are thus brought internationally and adapted to the particularities of each site and country.