Our Hr Policy

Think further ahead, a leitmotif for career decisions!

“At LINKBYNET I want our employees to feel free to explore all possible opportunities.”
Stéphane AISENBERG – Chief Executive Officer of LINKBYNET
Because it is our responsibility to ensure our employees’ progress, LINKBYNET, a learning organization, encourages upgrading of employee skills through a structured competencies management program and a completely voluntary training plan.

LINKBYNET, a company it feels good to be a part of!

LINKBYNET’s human resources policy is based on three thrusts.

  • A stimulating working environment
  • Developing employees’ potential
  • Potential for widening one’s professional horizon through mobility
  • The well-being of employees and the workplace environment and the “LBN Spirit” are the priorities of Patrick and Stéphane AISENBERG and the management teams.
    Several actions and activities have been implemented to achieve these objectives: teleworking, sports room, concierge services, etc.
    As an extension of this, local hands-on management techniques have been implemented, since teams are organized on a human scale and consist of five or six people.

    LINKBYNET encourages mobility

    “Some 15% of our employees enjoy geographical or internal mobility every year.” Eric DUMARTIN – Human Resources Director, LINKBYNET
    International mobility is widely preferred: our branches and subsidiaries (France, Mauritius, Canada and Asia) were launched by LINKBYNET employees who volunteered to embark on these new adventures.
    Each year, others join them to participate in this tale of adventure and serve as protagonists in the development of our facilities.
    In the same spirit, our teams participate in studies that help us determine the locations of our new international operations.

    Giving everyone a fair chance and being a corporate citizen

    Co-founders Patrick and Stéphane AISENBERG are convinced that diversity is a resource to be tapped. LINKBYNET’s human resources policy is extremely clear: we recruit employees with a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from a major school. Our opportunities are offered to young degree holders as well as seasoned professionals. This is our company’s wealth.


    Taking risks, daring, getting in gear, having fun, demanding requirements, respect for others, fundamentally enjoying serving clients, being positive, sharing… that is how we see life with LINKBYNET.
    As you now understand, the personality and competencies of the people who join us are vital to the success of our relationship. We then commit to cultivating and developing this potential and this difference through an original and stimulating working environment, a sustained training effort and the potential for functional and geographical mobility. If you need your professional life to resemble an adventure with you at the helm, then… why not?