Operational Security

The four pillars of security

LINKBYNET has based its security strategy on the acronym AIC: Availability (ensuring the proper functioning of access and information processing), Integrity (ensuring that information is neither altered nor modified) and Confidentiality (ensuring that only authorized persons receive the information). Moreover, the concept of Traceability has introduced a legal aspect and lets you define the liability of actions.

Policy implementation

The Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP) implemented by LINKBYNET is based on the pointes cited above. It defines the principles suitable for protecting information systems from internal, external, accidental or deliberate threats.
Adoption of a security management model based on risk management enables us to provide solid foundations within the ISO27001 framework for clients who wish to entrust their businesses to us.

Operational management

The operational framework covers the following aspects:
• Definition and use of policies
• Helping to make choices on technological solutions
• Integration and configuration of solutions
• Maintenance of your data in operational condition
• Expertise services on request
We also cover the following perimeters.
• Data security
• Infrastructure security
• Applications security
• Application of normative frameworks
The operational framework stems from an indispensable foundation: risk assessment. This lets you balance budgets for the security solutions and services chosen for loss risks and the probability that the risk scenario may occur.
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