Expertise and best practices

Unburden yourself of IT-related complexities so you can focus on your core business. At LINKBYNET we have a wide range of expertise to cover all your requirements, from infrastructure to applications.


Ensuring the availability and performance of your services, from your users’ perspective, is achieved by controlling the application layer.
LINKBYNET guarantees optimization of your applications 24/7 on four continents, by recommending technologies best suited to your requirements.
You will also benefit from customized architecture and a continuous performance and quality improvement process, and all this and your data will be protected by the best data security tools.
For proprietary technologies in the open-source domain, from CMS to customized web applications, our employees will continually provide you with the latest expertise.


The confidentiality and criticality of information system makes this a particularly sensitive point for the company.
Entrusting this to a third party requires more than just competencies, it demands absolute confidence in the ability of the service provider to understand the business and control the technological issues.
Our omnipresent quality approach (ISO 20000 or ITIL certifications, ISO 27 000 approach) as well as our agility have already attracted many companies, who have outsourced the management of their information systems to our organization.
LINKBYNET has built up confidence over time thanks to its expertise in its clients’ internal information systems (active directory, collaborative tools, ERP, business applications, etc.) and external information systems (web site, e-business, etc.).
Moreover, using automation and scheduling tools helps achieve operational excellence, our ultimate objective.


User experience determines the long-term success of a company. Among your users’ criteria, performance in access to information is ranked highest.
Performance is strengthened over several levels: networks, servers, applications, codes, etc. and during the various stages of your applications and services’ lifestyle.
A scalability test during the deployment phase verifies behavior of the platform based on the initial traffic assumptions. The resources implemented can then be adjusted to requirements for the desired user experience.
Having good metrics
LINKBYNET implements analytical solutions that coordinate performance from the user’s perspective, based on the infrastructure and the server. LINKBYNET then compares these performances with the professional metrics (average value of a package deal, order transformation, etc.). This enables us to focus on the ROI of the implemented performance solutions.
And the proper solutions
Cache, SSD, CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology, dynamic Internet routing and intelligent web page display, or data compression can improve your users’ experience.


To take action, first you must know when to act.
Systems monitoring 24/7 is the cornerstone of our facilities management profession. Our task is to anticipate possible disruptions to your platform’s infrastructure or applications.
For network monitoring, OS, infrastructure, application, database, user experience simulation, etc., we generally deploy more than 40 flow meters.
LINKBYNET stands out from other players in the market thanks to an internally-developed solution that can integrate the best available supervision tools to condense and centralize all monitoring events.
A proactive approach is the key when it comes to monitoring the application layer. Overconsumption of resources, various performance measurements and a variety of scenarios help us establish a correlation and anticipate potential malfunctions.
Our clients also have access to our Extranet for real-time visibility of their systems and applications’ functioning and performance.


Your data are company property and thus must be protected from any eventuality.
Data protection ensures continuity of the service if information must be restored.
LINKBYNET helps you back up your physical and virtual environments as well as the Cloud.
In addition to the solutions implemented, we work with you to establish policies perfectly tailored to your business needs.

• Incremental and complete backups
• Daily or weekly backups
• Retention period
• Validation of the consistency of your information
• Replication of data or outsourcing of the tapes
• Data archiving
• Assessing the data during the backup
• Data de-duplication
• Restoration tests
Choosing the correct technologies and policies will help protect you against any risk related to storing your information.
You can also take advantage of the backup solution in service mode for even greater simplicity and ease of use.


LINKBYNET offers its clients the expertise of engineers certified on the databases used most frequently in the market such as MS SQL or ORACLE. You will also have access to experts in technologies such as mariaDB, MySQL or even Ingres NoSQL.
These engineers help you resolve your regional problems and provide 24/7 on-call service for international clients.
Expertise services for database security or performance, or even database health, are also available as regular services, or for the full term of your contract.
The added value provided by LINKBYNET is its ability to supply clients high availability, high performance solutions that meet your operational requirements.
We design the architecture best suited to your requirements and budget. This includes configuration of the active/active “cluster” mode or configuration in “fail-over” mode, geo-clustering, mirroring or dynamic log export.


LINKBYNET provides its clients with personalized support consisting of technical teams (administrators, engineers, architects) and project staff (project heads, project directors, etc.), all of whom are certified and meet the requirements of the most demanding methodologies in the market, such as the PMI.
The entire challenge of successful integration is proper coordination of the various stakeholders to ensure compliance with the quality – cost – time trio.
The expertise of LINKBYNET’s integration teams is based on in-depth technical knowledge about the latest technology in the market.
These technologies are always developing and require continuous adaptation in conjunction with businesses, to resolve the problems encountered by our clients. For example, the Cloud has required adaptation of platforms to actual consumption.
Thus LINKBYNET is striving to provide solutions for all types of integration projects, regardless of whether they are simple, complex, catalogued, specific, national or international. LINKBYNET is able to address most requirements and provide assurance that they will be met using state-of-the-art resources.