Information Systems

Your Information System under control

LINKBYNET ensures the effectiveness of your information system, which is a critical component of your organization.
Anticipation, coordination and control are the levels of requirements expected by the ISM when they outsource their information system to trusted third parties

Your requirements

  • Specific and global governance
  • Information system performance and agility
  • Functional knowledge of the business
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Specific KPIs & SLAs
  • Proactive security

What can LINKBYNET do for you?

  • An omnipresent and innovative governance
  • Facilities management of the application layers (messenger service, ERP, etc.)
  • Provision of dedicated manager services
  • Expert assistance available 24/7 (architects, SOC, network, administrators, etc.)
  • Framework contracts with commitment to outcomes
  • Monitoring vulnerabilities, risk analysis, operational management of security

Client references