Cloud Services Broker

The Cloud, only better.

As a pioneer in the field of Cloud Computing in France with its @gile solution proposed in 2005, LINKBYNET naturally has a presence in today’s new generation of Cloud Services and Cloud Service Enhancement. This is a unique offering available at reduced cost thanks to these Improved Cloud services. It also includes global multi-cloud governance, centralization of SLAs, a contract, sole responsibility, single invoicing, consultation service and a self-service portal that is the only one of its kind in the market. To sum up, we simplify the Cloud for you and make it better.

Private Cloud, first steps toward the cloud

The best technologies, and service too! A dedicated architecture just for you, with total control and security, but in as-a-service mode! It’s your choice: in our certified datacenters, within our existing infrastructure, with our partners… the LINKBYNET Private Cloud allows you to enforce your operational policies and to completely control the infrastructure’s foundation, development and capacity. Moreover, Linkbynet can ensure the facilities management of any deployed server immediately!

Public Cloud: flexibility and coverage

Get access to unlimited IT resources, on demand, in various geographic areas and with suitable levels of commitment, performance and functionality.
You will also enjoy the benefit of Cloud services that let you take complete control of resource provision. What are the applications involved? Certain critical applications, event sites, your institutional websites, test or development environments, sites with peak-traffic rates or that require significant geographical coverage. LINKBYNET thus offers all the flexibility of the Cloud by integrating scalability and granular rating, with or without commitment. Flexibility of resources on demand, rapid deployment, significant geographical coverage, optimization of the user experience, etc. All these advantages help clients meet their requirements when it comes to developing their activities.

Hybrid Cloud, the best of both Worlds

Mix and match your architectures under a single governance! Hybrid Cloud is the best way to enjoy the advantages of both worlds. Private Cloud allows you to use computer systems or business applications in complete security, while still being connected to the Public Cloud, where other applications can take advantage of the flexibility.
You can thus optimize performance and cost, and also ensure the security of your data depending on the level of criticality of the deployed applications.
LINKBYNET has also risen to the challenge posed by governance of a hybrid computer system, consisting of multiple heterogeneous Clouds that are incompatible more often than not, by acquiring reliable expertise in this field.
LINKBYNET offers an optimal value plan that includes certifications, management of APIs and control over the entire ecosystem.

Enhanced Cloud Broker, simplifying the Cloud and adding to its value

A portal between IT and other industries, Cloud Brokering is THE cornerstone for the modern facilities manager. Today, facilities managers must strike a compromise with the various Cloud Providers in the market (AWS, Azure, Numergy, etc.) and at the same time, reinvent their profession. Simultaneously, the field of Information System Management is transforming and there is an increasing trend to outsource a major part of the operations to a third party. Simplifying the Cloud and adding to its value are the two thrusts chosen by LINKBYNET with the new Enhanced Cloud Broker approach. We help our clients make and implement the best decisions. This new role has now been fully attained, since the corporate world is expecting the Hybrid Cloud without a lock-in and at the best possible cost.

Self-Provisioning, Shadow IT killer and Business Satisfaction

Simple, quick, effective. Do you have five minutes to spare? Do you know how to point and click? Voilà! Now you have your virtual machine…To meet a strong demand from the autonomous clientele, LINKBYNET has developed a Cloud-on-Demand application: Self-Deploy. A simple, intuitive interface. Choose the type of machine desired, select its deployment areas, or configure the functions required (such as powering the machine on and off or the rights allocated to users) with a single click.
Thanks to this tool, you can impress functional and business management: your security parameters are integrated, it is quick and flexible, and helps you keep your budget under control!