About Us




LINKBYNET は、Stéphane AISENBERG(ステファン・アイゼンバーグ)とPatrick AISENBERG(パトリック・アイゼンバーグ)の二人の兄弟により、2000年にフランスのサン・ドニスに設立され、現在は情報システム、クラウドコンピューティング、ウエブサイトの施設管理の分野で有名な企業となっている。15年間、厳しい市場環境にもかからわず、LINKBYNETは成長し続け、新市場に参入する。当社は現在、クラウドコンピューティングを開発に加え、他の企業を収入するという新しく、より 幅広い 戦略を採用している。


国際的な企業… あなたの近くに!

LINKBYNET is present in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Asia. This structure gives us a virtual service center available 24/7, to address all your requests and in particular, to provide you with local support. Today, LINKBYNET has more than 600 employees in France, Canada, the United States, Mauritius and Asia. This “follow-the-sun” strategy ensures seamless service to our clients in any time zone.


Since it was founded, LINKBYNET has been prioritizing the quality of services provided to its clients. Our quality policy is based on frameworks well-known in the market. These practices ensure both the quality and consistency of service provided to clients. The expertise acquired, methods implemented and know-how of our employees are illustrated by the ITIL, ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 certifications we have obtained.


The entire world revolves… around you!
Since it was founded, LINKBYNET has based its growth on ensuring that client satisfaction and fulfilling client requirements form the core of its strategy. Our clients’ trust is represented by a 95% annual renewal rate.